Where is God?

When we feel down, stressed, sad, and broken, we tend to ask ourselves, “Where is God?”

“Where is God?” I am stressed. I do not know what to do. I am going crazy. I am feeling anxious. 

“Where is God?” I am feeling depressed. My heart beats so fast. I am sweating all the time. I am crying my heart out loud.

                      “God, where are you?” 

“God, why are you letting this thing happened to your children? If you really love us, you won’t make us suffer. I am like giving up with my life.”

As the title says, Where is God? Where is he? If  he is really there, why he makes the people suffer? Why he lets us feel the sadness in us and sometimes, others are ending their life. 

                       “Where is God?”

Let me tell you this, Where is God? 

My friend, where are you? Did you remember him? When you feel complete, did you thank him? If no, it’s okay. God is forgiveful. God knows what your heart desires. God knows how much pain are you suffering. 
                         “Where is God?”

My friend, God is just there. He is waiting for you to come to him again. He is waiting for you to come back again. He is waiting for you to trust him. God is there. He is in your heart. He is inside your heart. He is just there. He is just waiting for you trust him. 

When you are in pain, you are the strongest. You are the strong to overcome your difficulties. You are strong to handle every situation. Just believe in him.

When you overcome your hardships, don’t forget to worship. You will thank him for challenging you because he is just making you stronger.

Just trust God. When he sees your difficulties, he will help you. He will guide you in every path you take. Feel your heart. God is always there. Don’t give up. 

                               “Where is God?”                                          When you spread love, you can see God. 


How to move on?

Are you broken? Are you hurt? and Do you want to move on? Fasten you seatbelt and let the reality slaps and wakes you up!

How to move on when you are still longing for the memories that you had?

Had. had because you already ended up, broke up and separate. No more have, no more will and no more still. 

How to move on?

Moving on is not an easy process. I was there before and I couldn’t say that I will not experience it anymore. 

But move on from the fact that:

 • you are no longer the one that makes him happy. 

 • you are not the one that excites him every morning when he wakes up.

 • you are not the one anymore. 

How much pain are you still willing to take? How long will you cry? How long will you suffer? How are you going to move on? While reading this, how are you going to deny the fact that it’s still him? how are you going to deny the pain that you are feeling? How are you going to stop your tears from falling? Isn’t it because of him? 

The thought that he is making you sad and cry is enough to be the reason why you should let go. You should let him go. You should let go of the hatred, hurt and sadness within you. Do not let the pain consumes you. Do not let anyone hurt you.

Fill your heart with joy and happiness. It’s not for him anymore but it’s for you. You deserve to be happy. It’s time to think of yourself and the future that aheads of you. 

You may be holding on with idea that he may come back but he is not. You cannot move on if you are still holding on. Acceptance is the key. Do not fool yourself with the reality. 

Let the pain consumes you for just a little time but not for a lifetime. 

Do not make him as your world if he makes you feel like you have no space in his universe.

I wish you happiness and gladness. You can move on. 🙂

Reasons to be happy

I know that you are reading this because you are sad or you feel stressed and alone. But believe me, you are not alone. Maybe, the thought of being alone makes you sad but let us think this way, let us think on the positive side of being alone.

These reasons may help you to overcome the sadness that you are currently feeling.

Reasons to be happy:

5.) You are alive and still breathing,

4.) You are still reading this blog,

3.) You are still thinking of the reasons to be happy,

2.) You already know the reasons why you should be happy, and

1.) You are now smiling and thinking that these simple things can make you happy.
You don’t need material things, going to other places, and be with someone just to be happy. Simply thinking that you are alive and still be able to inspire other people are already the reasons why you are and you should be happy. 

Keep smiling and inspiring! Cheers! 

Lost Passport

Hi everyone!

So this post is for everybody who lost their passport. I would like to share it with you on how it ruined my trip.

I lost my passport before my flight going to SGN for a 4d3n vacation. So what I did was, I canceled my flight but it is non refundable and my hotel accommodation. I booked on booking.com. 

I tried to research some ideas on how to apply for a new passport. (lost valid passport)

I have read that some travel agencies are offering for earlier schedule but I read in DFA website that when you have lost your passport and it is still valid, you can go directly to the DFA ASEANA without an appointment!

There are some agency that will tell you that you still need to have an appointment but don’t believe them. Please! It will cost you more. You will just pay them for nothing! (Actually, I tried to contact one agency and asked them if there’s still a need for an appointment for lost valid passport and they told me that I still need an appointment.)

There is no appointment for lost valid passport because it takes time (15 days) for the clearing period prior to the processing.

I applied last May 15, 2017 (I brought with me the AFFIDAVIT OF LOST 3 copies and POLICE CLEARANCE). Yan ang Pinakamahalaga! And please when you submit it, make sure that it is clean, ready and presentable. Do not fold nor roll. 

My schedule for processing will be on May 30. I also need the requirements similar with the new applicants.



• NSO ( as for me, my nso is not clear so I will bring with me my Local Civil Registrar original and photocopy)

• Any valid id so I have my UMID, VOTER’S ID.


other supporting documents that I have:

•Transcript of records

•NBI preferrably the expired one.



•POLICE CLEARANCE/BARANGAY CLEARANCE – not less than a year prior to your appointment. For example, you will process on June 2017. You must have the police clearance dated June 2015. Because this document must be an old one.

So please do not lost your passport because it is very important. And it is a hassle if you lost it. It will really make you go like crazy.

And again, you don’t need to have an appointment in DFA. And satellite offices don’t process a lost valid passport. Just go directly to the DFA ASEANA.


I Hope you have learned something.

Thank you!

If you have any question, don’t hesitate to comment it down below. As long as I know the answer, I will definitely reply. 

Why BLOG not VLOG?

Hello everyone! So basically, this is my first blog. So Why I started blogging and not vlogging?

Nowadays, as we can see there are already a lot of vloggers in the world, I also tried it and also got a 200 plus followers but I stopped.

The reason is I AM LAZY to vlog my daily activities and there are some points that I feel so weird. (This is my personal experience) I feel so weird when peeps are looking at me everytime I am capturing myself. I am shy and I don’t know if I can still do it but I am not saying that I will quit vlogging but maybe, someday I will vlog again.

Anyways, Why I started blogging?

I started blogging to enhance my writing skills and creativity. English is really not my forte so don’t expect that I will be writing a perfect English with no grammars at all but I am trying my best to make it as perfect as it could be.

I believe that as long as the readers will understand what you mean, it is already fine but I don’t want to be contented with just fine. I will make it as good as it is.

So I started my blogging to improve my writing skills, creativity and myself as a whole.

So join with me as I start this journey.


Btw, my blog will be about…


Lifestyle | Health | Love | Everything


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